Kolt Stick 3″
#08 Green Pumpkin

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Kolt Stick 3″
#08 Green Pumpkin

Centipede and french fry-style plastic baits have long been a staple in every bass fisherman’s arsenal, as have dropshot plastics. We at Biovex have found the combination of the two to be an absolutely deadly presentation for both weary and active bass alike. Introducing the Biovex Kolt Stick, a 3” finesse plastic that earned it’s reputation on the pressured waterways of Japan. It’s life-like motionless action combined with the Biovex Kolt “air pockets” technology releases subtle air bubbles when the baits is lightly shaken in the water, making for the best finesse presentation capable of fooling the biggest and smartest bass. Available in the most popular fish catching colors, the Kolt Stick is ideal for dropshot, mojo rig, carolina rig, jig worm, darter heads and shaky heads alike!

Quantity:  5 Lures per Pack


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#08 GreenPumpkin


3" (76mm)


1/6oz (4.7g)


Kolt Stick


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