Joint Zari 65 Heavy Claw
#108 Purple Craw

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#108 Purple Craw

Joint Zari 65 Heavy Claw
#108 Purple Craw

The Real Shape Crawfish Bait! For Cover Area and Big Bass!

Tantalizing soft plastic claws with off set hooks provide excellent hook ups, and snag free fishing in any kind of cover.  The jointed the body creates a life like action that perfectly replicates a real live crawfish, the soft movements and defensive posture will lead to that extra bite. Most effective when fished on the bottom with slow drag, lift and drop retrieve. It can also be flipped into heavy cover and makes an extremely deadly bed fishing bait.


Additional information


#107 American Claw


Sink to the bottom


2.6" (65mm)


7/8oz (24g)


Joint Zari 65


Gmakatsu EWG Superline #2/0

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