Joint Gill 90 SS
#29 Ayu Holo Reflector

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Joint Gill 90 SS
#29 Ayu Holo Reflector

Big Bass feed on big bluegills and nothing entices a ferocious bite better than the Biovex Joint Bait 90. The double- segmented body and precision tuned balance, gives the bait the ability to be burned shallow, slow-rolled deep or jigged seductively in the same place, perfect for targeting bass at any depth. Packed into a double segmented 3.5 inch body, this swimbait offers the most innovative and unique, freestyle swimming action unlike any bait of it’s kind. Even more, because of it’s incredible buoyancy, no bait is more perfect for producing rod crushing strikes from spawning bass better than the Biovex Joint Gill 90.


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#29 Ayu Holo Reflector


Slow Sinker


3.5" (90mm)


5/8oz (17.7g)


Joint Gill 90SS


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