3 months ago
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It is excellent not only for BASS but also for ROCKFISHES!


3 months ago
Timeline Photos

For Rockfish!

Worm: Dragon Tail 2.2 inch
Worm Color: Pearl White Orange Belly
Jig Head: SF-Head

4 months ago

Scout70 vibration with good bass!


Angler: @hiroshi_tanigaki

#scout70 #scout70vibration #fishing #lure #lurefishing #biovex #biovexusa #biovexaustralia #biovexitaly #biovexlures ... See more

4 months ago
Photos from Biovex Global's post

by Bottom bumping with Long Hair Rubber Jig

4 months ago

Joint Zari 65 Blade Claw!
(Japanese model)

Will be released on March 2019.

4 months ago
Biovex Japan

KOLT Glider 7 inch movie in Japan!

コルトグライダー7インチをオーバーハングの奥までスキッピングで送り込んで... Hit❕


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